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23 Hilariously Guilty Pets Who Didn’t Expect Their Owners Back So Soon

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We miss our pets when we’re gone, but most of the time they don’t seem to have done much while we were gone during the day. When we arrive at our homes, our pets enthusiastically greet us and let us know they missed up, but we assume they probably spent the day napping. Here, however, are 23 pets who found some trouble to get into when we weren’t around.

I swear, mom, it wasn’t me!


Who knows how this got started, but this poor puppy started making a mess and didn’t stop until the mess was all over the room. He may have had second thoughts at one point, but had no idea how to stop or how to start making it right. You can definitely tell that he knows there’s a problem now though!

 “I was just getting ready to go out”


You can tell by the look on this sweetheart’s face that he didn’t expect his mom to come back into the room that fast. But it really makes you wonder how often he goes through her things. Does he smell a doggie treat? Or does he think he can help his mom out? We’ll never know.

“It looked like popcorn!”


This looks like one of those things that could have started innocently enough, with a little tug here and a little nip there, and after about an hour of uninterrupted work, you have a disaster you can’t hide anymore. Luckily, she doesn’t look scarred by the experience.

 “I swear I was going to share”


Your dog bowl is full, you know this isn’t yours, but when you saw the chance the temptation was just too good to pass up. I hope it was worth it, because this is one thing we’re going to remember for a long time. You could have at least saved some of the best food for us!

 “A little help here!”


How did he even get in there? And what did he think was going to happen? Hopefully, he can get out safely with a little help from mom and dad so they can laugh about it later. If the damage is permanent, he may not get new toys for a while!

Care to join me for a dip in the pool?


Everyone knows that if you leave the toilet seat up, your pets may come by for a quick drink. That should be enough to encourage responsible pet owners to keep the toilet unavailable, just for the ick factor. But nobody expects to come back and find their delighted pet chilling out and treating the toilet like a private spa.

It’s hard to believe such a little guy did so much


“On the one hand, this is a really huge mess. On the other hand, can you believe I did all this without any help? You should be proud of all my hard work!”

“If I’d known you’d be back so soon, I would’ve made more”


Caught in the act, and she knows she’s not supposed to be on the counter. But getting a cat to behave is like getting the wind not to blow.

“What are you talking about? It was already like this”


So there he was, just hanging out having a nap, and he was suddenly woken up by a loud noise when his owner yelled at him about the mess. But it looks like he’s definitely not claiming responsibility.

“Well, that documentary we watched last night said it was time to hibernate”


He was just trying to find a warm, safe place to hang out. Isn’t it almost winter?

 “Thank goodness you’re home, I saved you from a terrible mess!”


Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your dog is ashamed or just trying to distract you so you will forget about the mess he just made.

 Did you break the cat?


This could be perfectly innocent, but just based on that hangdog look, these two were probably up to something naughty right before this picture was taken.

 Absolutely gorgeous


It’s hard to be mad when your sweetie gets into your things and comes out looking like a showgirl, especially when she looks so proud of herself.

 Caught Red-handed!


Here’s another pet that was into something he shouldn’t have been, and you know that just cleaning it off is going to be punishment enough.

A huge mess


She’s trying so hard to look innocent that you almost want to believe her.

They should have known better than to leave a pizza unattended


From the many examples of pet shaming, this one shows that there are some things a dog simply cannot resist. Was it worth it?

 I don’t know what he’s done yet, but it must be bad


Dogs are like little kids in many ways. For instance, they think that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them. Unfortunately for this guy, he’s not only visible, but he’s letting his mom know that he must have done something really bad.

 “If I just keep averting my eyes, he’ll forget about it”


Poor baby! He knows he’s guilty, and it’s torture to keep being reminded of what he did.

 “Who ate all that food and just left the container?”


If she’d been a little more slick, she might have realized that she could at least hide the evidence.

 “How did the outside get in?”


It’s going to be really hard not to be mad about this one! Poor mom is going to have to find new plants.

 Came home to find someone redecorating


Was he left alone in a thunderstorm? This was the product of hours of work, and it must have been noisy.

 Is one of them innocent? Is it fair to blame both, just in case?


These brothers might as well just step up and take the blame together.

 I turned my back for one minute…


Okay, this spill came from the kid, but it was too adorable not to include. Sometimes we are just one big happy family!