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Yes, you heard it right! The Amazing Truth Revealed About the Most Famous Triplets in the World

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Yes, you heard it right! The amazing truth revealed about the most famous triplets in the world

Well, everyone in the US, and a lot of people around the world know about the Dahm sisters – the most beautiful triplets in the world. Well, on a random day, if you were asked to name them one by one just by looking at their faces and appearances, I bet, as expected, you would have found it extremely hard. After all, they have a lot of things in common – more than you can imagine. But then came that day! On that fateful morning the sisters – Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn decided to go for a DNA test that would tell them about their ancestry. Honestly, I was not prepared for that shocking test result, and I do not think those ladies were too!

1. The beginning

December 12, 1977, was the day those three beautiful ladies were born. I guess, despite garnering early attention, during early childhood no one would have expected them to go on and become the most famous triplets in the world.

2. All about similarities

I told that you would find it extremely hard to name them one by one. But don’t be ashamed just yet, as you are not the only one. Apparently, their parents failed to recognize them often, and had to mark them on the bottom for identification purposes.  Add to that, it was not all about looks, as they had stunning similarities in their personalities too.

3. Single identity

Even if they were three different people, much to our surprise, they were always referred to as “the triplets” by others, as told by Nicole, one of the Dahm sisters. It is like they didn’t have any name.

4. A career in glamour world

They grew up in a small town in Minnesota. Still, they attracted a lot of attention from outsiders from their early childhood. Soon well-established modeling agencies took notice of their burgeoning reputation and came calling with some mouth-watering proposals.

5. The lucky break

People always thought that these sisters, sooner rather than later, would set foot in the glamour world. In fact, they were dead right! At the tender age of 16, these already famous girls posed for the “teen” magazine, and immediately attracted attention from much bigger agencies.

6. The “Playboy” thing

They dreamed of becoming a nurse after finishing high school. Little did they know their lives would change for the better within a few days! At that time “Playboy” was looking for fresh faces for their magazine covers.

7. Hard decision to make

They received an “indecent” proposal from Playboy. But were they comfortable posing without clothes for a magazine? Apparently, they were. But Playboy had to hire all three sisters since they were hell-bent on that aspect.

8. A new opening

Playboy did have huge impacts on their lives, as stated by Erica in a recent interview. Their lives changed forever, and that gig with Playboy took them one step closer to that DNA test – results of which took all of us by surprise.

9. TV Gig

They moved to Hollywood eventually and soon received their first proposal. They were invited to perform in one of the episodes of “Boy meets world,” which further consolidated their positions in the industry.

10. Love Birds

Their unquestionable beauty and soaring popularity meant the Dahm sisters were highly sought after by people within and outside the industry. Soon Erica found her love of life Jay McGraw, son of Dr. Phil, after appearing in a TV flick “renovate my house.” It was a match made in heaven!

11. Here comes the surprise

Jay McGraw, Erica’s fiancée, was an executive producer for a reality TV show “Doctors,” that talked about various medical issues and their solutions. It is on that show the sisters finally learned the fascinating truth about their ancestry.

12. The Doctors

Jay McGraw invited the sisters to participate in one of the shows’ episodes. Unsurprisingly the audiences were thrilled with their performance, and their one-time gig turned out to be a regular job. But one day the producers came up with an astonishing idea, one that no one ever tried on live television.

13. Testing their DNA

The producers asked the sisters to participate in an episode where they would check the reliability of a home DNA ancestry test kit. Soon the results came out, and everyone on the set was shell-shocked including the sisters themselves! They couldn’t have guessed that, not even if they were allowed a thousand guesses.

14. DNA tests getting popular

Websites like are offering people a glimpse into their ancestral past. All you need to do is to put your saliva on that home test kit, one that is easily available on the market, and send that to a laboratory for further examinations. They would tell you about your ancestral past and your family’s historical background. It’s that easy!

15. The easier part

Well, since they are triplets, their genetic makeup would most likely be quite similar. Even a layman could guess that. But that general conception regarding their DNA tests was put to shame, up to a large extent, when their final results were published.

16. Here come the results

Well, the first part of the test showed that the Dahm sisters are actually triplets. Lol, it was a no-brainer. On the second part of the test, the showrunners wanted to check on their ancestry, and since they were triplets, it was assumed that their ancestry would be same. Nothing could be further away from the truth!

17. The shocking numbers

To their surprise, the sisters found out that their ancestries do not match. How could that be possible? But apparently it was! Nicole had 11 percent German ancestry, according to the test result, whereas Erica and Jaclyn had totally different numbers.

18. Expert opinion

Finally, an expert came to their rescue and explained the shortcomings of the home test kit. Despite having similar DNA sequences, the test showed a varying ancestral DNA for the sisters. But the doctors warned audiences not to take the test seriously, as it was meant for entertainment purposes only.